Comments from people receiving Reiki treatments

"It usually takes me twenty minutes to get out of bed as I am riddled with arthritis. This morning I got out of bed and for the first time in years put one foot in front of the other going down the stairs."

"I have had every conceivable test under the sun and no one can find a reason for the pain in the right side of my stomach. The pain has gone."

"I have complete faith in Reiki. I can now walk through my local precinct without experiencing a panic attack."

"I am beginning to feel I am alive when I wake up in the morning, instead of having to drag myself out of bed."

"After suffering from tinnitus for several years, I find myself looking for the noise, as it's not there."

"Having a Reiki treatment before and after my operation helped to calm me down, speeded up the recovery process and reduced the amount of pain I was led to believe I would have."

"Having a Reiki treatment helped me to come to a decision about whether to have an operation for cancer."

"I wasn't happy in my job. After having Reiki treatments, opportunities opened up for me, and I landed a job out of town."

"I feel wonderful; I don't want to get off the bed; can I stay. Here!!!!"