Testimonials from my students

"Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. A wonderful two days working with you on Reiki l,
Love and hugs Judi"

"Thank you for teaching me how to make a difference.
Love from Maxine"

"Thank you so much for the lovely Reiki attunements week-end. Life is such a wonder, the interplay of karmic circles, the constant ebb and flow. I feel fortunate to be me (never thought I would hear myself say that). Thank you for helping me become aware of this.
Love Vicki"

"Thank you for a magical two days. These will be treasured always. The flame of the candle is at the centre of things and it cannot see how far its light spreads into the surrounding darkness. Now you have had a glimpse of your true light let it continue to shine brightly.
Love and Blessings Veronica"

"Thank you for the Reiki 2 weekend. I now feel I have been given a good foundation on which to build and a real understanding of what I am working with.
Patricia." (Patricia had previously trained up to Master Teacher level in Canada).

"Thank you so much for a wonderful Advanced Reiki weekend. I really appreciate your attention to detail and the very comprehensive notes. I feel inspired to take Reiki into the world!!
In love and light Rachel"

"Just to let your know your efforts were not wasted! I have just finished teaching my third Reiki First Degree Course and am enjoying doing them immensely.
Love and light Diana"

"Thank you for the wonderful Reiki Master Training. This has been a very special experience.
Love, Peace and Blessings Veronica."