Reiki Training

Reiki training takes you on a voyage of self-discovery, exploring how you interact with others and the world around you. It is life enhancing; it promotes confidence, raises self-esteem and empowers you to live life to the full. All-encompassing life force energy guides you wherever you need to go to achieve your full potential, to find peace and contentment within.

Reiki training is unique; the ability to create an energy channel within the individual's energy field is transferred to the student in the form of an attunement. Everyone has the ability to channel energy; this process reconnects the recipient, like putting on a light switch. It is instantaneous; after the attunement the student is able to access energy for the benefit of him/herself and others. It is sometimes difficult to grasp the concept that after receiving an attunement you are able to give yourself and others a Reiki treatment. It is important to experience, in a practical way, your ability to do this during the training course. This helps to build confidence and teaches the student an awareness of sensing and feeling the energy.

Training courses are divided up into different levels.

First Degree is where the student can explore working with the energy on him/herself and on friends and family.
Each course level expands the student's energy channel further so the capacity to hold Ki (energy) within the body, and the ability to pass on energy to another person without depleting your own energy, is extended.

Second Degree level is for people who wish to extend their skills and for those who want to become professional Reiki practitioners.

Advanced Reiki Training is about developing spiritual knowledge. It gives you an understanding of the refining process of Reiki and how to use it as a powerful transformational tool for personal self-development. This level of Reiki training includes working with the Usui Shiki Ryoho Master energy. It is for people who wish to work with energy in its highest form, and for those who wish to prepare themselves for taking Third Degree (Master/Teacher) level.

Third Degree (Master/ Teacher) level is a culmination of working on all the other levels and then taking it a step further - to attune and teach others.

After each of the four courses the initiate follows a self-cleansing programme. Its purpose is to align and clear the energy centres, to strengthen your energy channel and enable you to sense, in a real way, what you are working with. During this period you may experience physical, emotional, mental and spiritual changes. Your whole system is having a really good clear out, opening the way forward, giving you the opportunity to invite positive change into your life.

You are a never-ending stream of consciousness participating in the evolutionary process of life
Realise that you are an infinite being clothed in the many layers that make up who you are
It is in accepting the whole of who you are that unlocks the door to personal freedom
Learning to observe with detachment teaches you to see more clearly how you can improve your life