Third Degree Master
Teacher Training

This course is about receiving training and information on how to give attunements for all levels of Reiki and how to plan and run courses.

In my courses personal self-development played a key role in the curriculum with opportunities to enhance and integrate spiritual awareness into everyday living. The course structure was made up of six modules and lasted 6-12 months. 30 case studies comprising of three treatments each were a compulsory part of the course. Students received four fully comprehensive manuals, covering all levels.

Elements of the Course

1. Personal self-development
2. Going beyond Self
3. Techniques to enhance spiritual awareness and develop your energy channel
4. Spiritual awareness
5. The Antahkarana symbol and how to use it for healing and meditation
6. Different ways of working with the Reiki symbols
7. How to use them for giving attunements
8. Energy exercises in preparation for giving attunements
9. How to give a healing attunement and aura cleanse
10. Training in giving attunements in both the Usui Shiki Usui and Tibetan methods for First, Second, Advanced Reiki Training and Third Degree Reiki levels
11. How to give a distance healing attunement
12. Attuning yourself
13. Japanese Reiki techniques
14. Planning and running a Reiki Workshop for all four Degrees of Reiki

The course structure was made up of six modules with practical work undertaken at home. The time frame for this course was 6 - 12 months.