Advanced Reiki Training Courses

Whether you choose to work with Reiki for yourself or in a professional capacity, Advanced Reiki Training is about developing spiritual knowledge and enhancing your intuitive powers. You will learn how to use crystals to send continuous healing, acquire different meditation techniques to focus the mind, manifest goals and healing, and strengthen the body's capacity to hold Ki (energy).

Advanced Reiki training gives you an understanding of the refining process of Reiki and how to use it as a powerful transformational tool for personal self-development. You will receive knowledge of working with different vibrations of energy and how to perceive them.

This level of Reiki training includes working with the Usui Shiki Ryoho Master energy. It is for people who wish to work with the master energy on themselves and others, and also for those who wish to prepare themselves for taking Third Degree (Master Teacher) level.

Students are required to undertake a thirty-day self-cleanse programme after this course. A fully comprehensive manual is provided.

Elements of the course

1. Introduction
2. History of Reiki
3. Understanding the refining process of Reiki
4. Meditation techniques
5. Working with the Reiki Principles
6. Master Usui Symbol
7. Attunements
8. Practical work - self-treatment and treating others
9. Spiritual nature of Reiki
10. Opening up to the reality of guides
11. Working with crystals for continuous healing
12. Preparation for giving a Third Degree Reiki attunement exercise