About Linda

I was first drawn into Reiki when I read an article about it in a health magazine. What drew me, like a magnet, were the words 'Reiki can be used as a powerful transformation tool for personal self development.' At the time I was suffering from low self-esteem; I wasn't comfortable with my life or myself. I wanted something that was going to help me to help myself.

My personal journey with Reiki is enriching and exhilarating and constantly challenges awareness of self and others. It has brought me to recognise that living in harmony with everything around me creates a way of merging the self with the totality of all that Is.

I trained with Chris Parkes, in the Usui Shiki Ryoho method, in First and Second Degree Reiki. I did my Advanced Reiki Training and Third Degree (Master Teacher) with Marisa Tapper in the Traditional and Tibetan Reiki (the modern method by William Lee Rand). I had further training with Frank Arjarva Petter in Japanese Reiki techniques and in the Usui Reiki Ryoho tradition with Frans Stiene. Click on Reiki lineage to see how this traces to Mikao Usui.

Working with Reiki energy teaches me how to observe, in a non-judgemental way, what is going on in my life. It has become part of my life and filters through everything I do.

I believe we are meant to celebrate who we are, to let our unique being shine. To nurture the gifts and talents that lie within us. Reiki, for me, is about freeing ourselves from the patterns, attitudes, emotions and conditioning that chain us to a limited view of ourselves. It is about going back to our true essence. Reiki is a multi-purpose energy system; you can take from it whatever you need, at whatever level is right for you. It is about learning to accept yourself and others unconditionally.

I believe the energy system known as Reiki is about unconditional love; it teaches us to accept and respect individuals, our planet and all living things, bringing the understanding that everything is valuable and makes up the whole of who we are.